KANPA+i London! sake tasting event

On 18 June, 2012, the Embassy of Japan and Hasegawa Saketen, a Japanese sake shop, and a number of Kuramotos (sake brewers) and shochu distillers co-hosted a tasting event.

The Japanese Government recently announced the inauguration of the Enjoy Japanese Kokushu Project. “Kokushu” means distinctive national liquours, i.e. sake and shochu, and this project aims at familiarizing the attractiveness of sake and shochu in the world, and thereby promoting these drink overseas. Taking this opportunity, sake brewers and shochu distillers from across Japan have again gathered here in London to offer their most prized sake and shochu.

Among the Kuramotos represented this time, one of them – Niizawa brewery – was severely hit by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. As a result, the brewery had to be rebuilt in a new location. Mr. Iwao Niizawa, president of the brewery, was unable to join the tasting event held at the Embassy last September because he was too busy with reconstructing his business at that time. While he is still facing a challenging situation, he was able to come to London to show his appreciation for the worldwide support that Japan has received.

The event was fully booked and more than 300 sake lovers enjoyed a variety of sake and shochu.

* Sake and Shochu (prefecture) provided in the event

Hakurakusei (Miyagi)
Nanbu Bijin (Iwate)
Isojiman (Shizuoka)
Hatsukame (Shizuoka)
Shochikubai Shirakabekura (Hyogo)
Kido (Wakayama)
Ugo no Tsuki (Hiroshima)
Kamo Kinshu (Hiroshima)
Hoken (Hiroshima) Toyo Bijin (Yamaguchi)
Mii no Kotobuki (Fukuoka)

Kiroku (Miyazaki)
Komaki (Kagoshima)