Karate for the Future
Japan Karate Association General Secretary Tony Cronk on Karate in the UK


Not since the 1970’s and Bruce Lee has there been such interest in the martial arts. Amongst the most popular forms is the traditional Japanese art of karate. First started in the 17th Century, the evolution of Karate-do or the ‘Way of Karate’ has made it an established part of modern Britain.
One well-known organisation is the Japan Karate Association. Brought to life by the students of the founder of Karate Funakoshi Gichin, and with branches worldwide the JKA is run in England by Ohta Yoshinobu 7th Dan, himself trained by the Masters in Japan.

In a time of fast food, computer games and ever expanding waistlines, karate is an antidote to slow living. With its powerful and explosive techniques combined with balance and co-ordination it offers an all-round, whole-body form of exercise.

Karate has increasingly gained popularity in the UK

So many people are now also looking for an effective and accessible form of self-defence. Karate’s premise of "there is no first attack" means that above all we promote the idea that not looking for trouble is a strong guiding principle. With that said, we specialise in the "one strike" approach which teaches us to use maximum force, very quickly to render an attacker out of action.

Increasingly, parents and school authorities are opening their eyes to be benefits of learning a martial art, and that it can instil in students the Japanese values of discipline, control and politeness. The Japan Karate Association prides itself on being the kepers of karate’s highest traditions. Its core ideals of seeking the perfection of character, being faithful and sincere, perseverance, accepting order and refraining from improper actions are values that are not only good for the individual but for society at large.

First Secretary Mr Eiji Watanabe presents a karate award

JKA England is proud to acknowledge its association with the Embassy of Japan and wishes to actively help promote stronger link with the Japanese community in the UK.

We are immensely grateful to the First Secretary Mr Eiji Watanabe for agreeing to be our guest of honour at our latest competition where contestants from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales came together to do battle.

For information about karate in Japan please go to www.jka.or.jp

For further information about JKA England or to find a club near you please go to www.jka-england.org




Tony Cronk, JKA England