International Wine Challenge Award-Winning Sake Tasting

On 13 September, the Japan Sake Brewers Association Junior Council and the Embassy of Japan co-hosted the International Wine Challenge (IWC) Award-Winning Sake Tasting. The IWC, the most prestigious wine competition in the world, announced the champion sake of 2012 just two days before the event.

This year, the IWC sake tasting was conducted in Japan for the first time. A record-breaking 688 types of sake were entered into the competition and the top 5 were awarded a trophy for the best sake in each of the following 5 categories: Unmai, Junmai Ginjo/Junmai Daiginjo, Honjozo, Ginjo/Daiginjo and Kosyu. At the IWC Award-Winning Sake Tasting, a variety of 26 excellent sakes from Japan, including the champion and trophy or regional-trophy winners of the competition, were showcased. The excellence of award-winning sake speaks for itself and the attendees of the event knew it when they tasted it!

Daishinshu Shuzo
Daishinshu N.A.C. Hama-nojo
Daishinsyu Kanpyokaishppin
Jukomi Binkakoi
Saiya Shuzouten
Yukinobosha Junmai Ginjo
Yukinobosha Hiden Yamahai
Yukinobosha Yamahai Junmai
Hokusetsu Shuzo
HOKUSETSU Junmai Daiginjo Koshitanrei
HOKUSETSU Junmai Daiginjo YK35
Kurosawa Sake Brewery
Kurosakwa Junmai Ginjo 2009
Kurosakwa Junmai Daiginjo
Kurosawa Junmai Kimoto
Myoko Shuzo
Honjozo Myokozan
Daiginjo Myokozan
Chateau MyokoSWEET
National Trading Inc. Kimura Brewery
Daiginjo Fukukomachi
Tokubetsu Junmai Fukukomachi
Tokubetsu Junmai Kakuemon
Enoki Shuzo
Hanahato Kijoshu aged for 8 years
Kiyomori Heian Nigorizake
Hanahato Kimoto Junmai Ginjo Genshu
Ichishima shuzo
Hidematsu AKA
Hidematsu AI
Hidematsu YAMABUKI
Sekiya Brewery
Houraisen Junmaidaiginjo Kuu
Houraisen Junmaiginjo Wa
Houraisen Tokubetsu Junmai Beshi

Thanks to the increasing popularity of sake, this year’s event was fully booked and about 200 people enjoyed various kinds of sake tasting. The event offered a chance to become aquainted with a large variety of distinctive sake, enabling guests to find their favorite one.

In May 2012, the Japanese Government announced the inauguration of the “Enjoy Japanese Kokushu” project. “Kokushu” means distinctive national liquours, i.e. sake and shochu. A growing number of events and high-quality sake are being planned. Now it’s in your turn. Why don’t you make your own sake recommendation list by tasting a variety of sake?


Embassy of Japan