Manga Jiman 2013 Competition Results

The results of the Manga Jiman 2013 Competition were announced at a reception held at the Embassy of Japan on Friday 21 March. The major manga-writing competition, now in its seventh year, continues to grow in popularity and unearth young, upcoming manga artists in the UK.

The first prize was awarded to Katja Hammond for her entry ‘Oh Crumbs!’. Manga artist, Kiriko Kubo, one of the five judges of the competition, commented that the winning entry contained “skillful and beautiful drawing, very lively characters, a nice layout, and also, her story is well planned, with a clever twist and fine landing at the end. Miss Hammond’s work is excellent and we (all the judges) agreed to her winning (the competition).”

‘The Apocalypse and Key’, by Rachel Dunn, received the runners-up prize while ‘A Beautiful World’ by Selina Dean was placed third.

A page from The Apocalypse and Key

by Rachel Dunn in 2nd place

Artwork from Selina Dean’s 3rd placed entry

A Beautiful World

Fellow judge Paul Gravett, manga historian, author and journalist, explained that “Selina's crisp, clear design and fine screen work really enhance her tender-hearted story. The judges admired her poetic, mostly silent story which follows a little boat sending a message from a traveller to his loved one.” And of Rachel’s entry he added “this truly British manga is set in a typical pub whose customers happen to drop in from all sorts of crazy timezones and dimensions. We were impressed by Rachel's strong characterisation, inventive layouts and polished artwork and can't wait to read what happens next to her young pub landlord!”



Megan Brennan-Dent
won the prize for the most impressive Manga by an entrant aged between fourteen and sixteen and her entry also placed sixth overall.

Ms Kubo added that Megan’s drawing “is definitely the best entry from the entrants aged under 16, and is at the same level with the finalists in this competition. The story is very conceptual about Death and Hope, and she describes it very well. The balance of black and white is also beautiful.”

Manga Jiman 2013 Competition Results

Position Title of Manga Entrant(s)
1 Oh Crumbs! Katja Hammond
2 The Apocalypse and Key Rachel Dunn
3 A Beautiful World Selina Dean
4 Tripping Over Summer Ami Clark
5 The First Decision Sarah Burgess and Dean McKnight
6 + Youth Prize Death's Discovery Megan Brennan-Dent
7 Sea Change Elizabeth Garwood
8 Reunited Jacob Hinds
9 Portfolio of Lies Pamela Lokhun
= 10th A Stroll Hattie Richardson
= 10th Courage Christopher Chong

Manga Jiman 2013 Exhibition:
24 March – 30 April 2014

Visitors to the Embassy can enjoy reading all the shortlisted entries in our special exhibition, Manga Jiman 2013: The Winners, in which artwork from every entry we received this year will also be on display.

Open weekdays 09:30 - 17:30, closed weekends
Admission is free, but photo ID is necessary to gain entry to the Embassy.

The Embassy of Japan, 101-104 Piccadilly, London W1J 7JT

For more updates on the competition please see https://www.facebook.com/MangaJiman

And https://twitter.com/mangajiman