Presentation of Ambassador's Commendation to Mr Yoshio Mitsuyama

On 11 March 2015, Mr Yoshio Mitsuyama was awarded the Ambassador’s Commendation for his distinguished contribution to friendship and mutual understanding between Japan and the United Kingdom as the President of the London Shakunagekai, the UK Fukushima Prefectural Association.  He is also a board member of the Japan Association in the UK.
Mr Mitsuyama started working in the UK from 1973.  After the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, he plays a leading role in hosting many events to collect donations and to promote the products of Fukushima here in London.

One of his major contributions was the Okiagari-Koboshi exhibition (the region’s traditional dolls, which right themselves when knocked over and have thus become a symbol of recovery) in support of the rebuilding campaign, which took place last year in the House of Lords and a few other prominent places.

Moreover, he was involved in the establishment of the Fukushima Garden in London’s Holland Park to show gratitude to the people of the UK for supporting Fukushima.  He also made contribution for the Japan Matsuri from the organiser’s side, promoting the safety of Fukushima products.  Ambassador also referred to that this Commendation was to show the collective gratitude to everyone who supported and through Mr Mitsuyama, the victims of the Tohoku disaster.



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