Manga Jiman 2014 Competition Results

The results of the Manga Jiman 2014 Competition were announced at a reception held at the Embassy of Japan on Friday 6 March 2015. The major manga-writing competition, now in its eighth year, continues to grow in popularity and unearth young, upcoming manga artists in the UK.

The first prize was awarded to Lorenzo Fruzza for his entry ‘Cogs’. Comic artist, Ilya, one of the five judges of the competition, commented that the winning entry contained “a boy, a girl, a bike - what's not to like? Lorenzo’s entry was a marvel of a short story, delivering a sucker punch straight to the heart. Emotionally powerful, while at the same time expertly told: starkly effective, well-presented, neat and efficient in both character design and pacing - a deserving winner from a strong field for its overall clarity and originality“.

‘Cub’, by Sophia Sycamore, received the runners-up prize while ‘No Moment the Same’ by Kieran Chong was placed third.

Lorenzo Fruzza

Sophia Sycamore
No Moment the Same
Kieran Chong



Manga artist Kiriko Kubo said “‘Cub’ beautifully described how the boy recovered from his loss with help from his only friend. Each drawing has good composition in its frame and has individual presence.”

Fellow judge Maya Gartner commented that “Kieran’s entry was a very ambitious piece of storytelling involving a montage of powerful, thought-provoking scenes that flowed seamlessly from one to another through the backdrop of a beautiful poem. His passion for manga clearly shines through his draughtsmanship and his skill for visual storytelling. It was a powerful, energetic piece of work and a great reading experience.”

Winning entrants and judges of Manga Jiman Competition 2014

Winning Entry of the Youth Prize
A Tale of Two Seasons by Adeline Kwok

Winning Entry of the Yonkoma Competition
Successful Failure by Rachel Rissa
Adeline Kwok won the prize for the most impressive Manga by an entrant aged between fourteen and sixteen. Paul Gravett, manga historian, author and journalist, explained that “all of the judges singled out Adeline Kwok's entry 'A Tale of Two Seasons' as remarkably skilful for someone so young. We greatly admired her imaginative ideas about the children of the Four Seasons, who succeed their parents, and the sibling friendship between the separated sister and brother, Summer and Winter, who choose to rescue the world. We admired her ambitious themes within a fantasy fairytale about awareness of global problems and sacrifice for the benefit of mankind. It is clear that Adeline Kwok has a great future of comics-making ahead of her. Her storytelling and artwork are already quite advanced for her age and I feel sure we will see some wonderful new manga from her over the coming years”.

In an exciting new twist to the competition, Rachel Rissa won the inaugural Yonkoma Manga competition for her entry Successful Failure. Yonkoma is a type of comic strip which contains four panels usually vertically arranged from top to bottom on one page.

Manga Jiman 2014 Competition Results


Title of Manga


Lorenzo Fruzza
Sophia Sycamore
No Moment the Same
Kieran Chong
Step By Step
Andrew Attwell & Matthew Robinson
Bubblegum Girl, Jellyfish Girl
Lauren Rowley
An Unexpected Encounter
Gwen Kortsen & Angela Wraight
Lonely as a Cloud
Elizabeth Garwood
Pamela Lokhun
Midnight Blue
Jennifer Epton
The Headless Hipster
Mark Cooper & Dean McKnight

Youth Prize

A Tale of Two Seasons

Adeline Kwok

Yonkoma Manga
Successful Failure
Rachel Rissa

Manga Jiman 2014 Exhibition: Until late April 2015

Visitors to the Embassy can enjoy reading all the shortlisted entries in our special exhibition, Manga Jiman 2014: The Winners, in which artwork from every entry we received this year will also be on display.

Open weekdays 09:30 - 17:30, closed weekends.
Admission is free, but photo ID is necessary to gain entry to the Embassy.

The Embassy of Japan, 101-104 Piccadilly, London W1J 7JT

For more updates on the competition please see:

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