Films at the Embassy of Japan

SHODO GIRLS!! 書道ガールズ!!わたしたちの甲子園

Wednesday 29 July 2015 at 18:30

Free admission. Prior registration essential.

Directed by Ryuichi Inomata  /  2010  /  120 min

(Japanese language with English subtitles)

The story is set in Shikoku Chuo City in Ehime Prefecture, the ‘City of Paper’ that boasts the top output of paper in Japan.  Due to the long recession, however, the city has lost its former prosperity.

Satoko is the captain of the calligraphy club in the local high school and has won many awards for her works in various exhibitions.  As her father is a professional calligrapher, her efforts have always been something with which to win her father’s approval:  the need to please him has gradually become stressful for her.  One day, a substitute teacher comes to the high school and is appointed as the advisor of the club, but he apparently has little interest in instructing its members.  However, when Satoko and the club members notice him effortlessly creating a work of calligraphy while listening to music, the activity within the club begins to take a new direction.  On the day of the Calligraphy Performance Contest, their sincere passion for calligraphy and earnest love for their hometown suffuse the stage.

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