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Matsuri St James°«s Tutored Sake & Sushi Tasting Dinner

29 Mar & 26 April 2010 , London

A six course tutored sake tasting dinner hosted by Sarah Wedgbury, introducing a range of sake including junmai, nigori, ginjo and daiginjo. Some of the mysteries as to why some sake are white when others are clear, how they get the bubbles in the effervescent sake and what differentiates a ginjo or daiginjo from regular sake will be explained.

For each course there will be an explanation about the sake chosen and what differentiates it from the others with regard to the production process, the extent to which the grain of rice has been polished, the filtering process it has undergone and its resulting characteristics. The importance of koji, a fungus called °∆aspergillus°«, in the production process and why sake is traditionally drunk warm but that it is more popular nowadays to drink it cold will also be discussed.

The sake have been carefully paired with some of Matsuri°«s delicious sushi and sashimi in order to highlight the flavours of both the sake and the ingredients of the dish.A full vegetarian menu is also available.

Please see for in-depth details of the sake introduced and the food with which it is served.

Entrance Cost - £55

29 March & 26 April

Matsuri St James°«s, 15 Bury Street, London SW1Y 6AL

Tel: 020 7839 1101

Matsuri St James°«s

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