The JAPAN-UK 150 Fund is a grant scheme designed to enable small-scale, mainly grassroots events to take place in the UK during JAPAN-UK 150 (Sept 2008-Dec 2009).


Due to the limited nature of the JAPAN-UK 150 Fund, the last round of assessment will take place in early January 2009. The deadline for submission of applications was Monday, 5th January 2009. Applications will no longer be accepted.

This grant scheme is funded by financial contributions from companies and individuals who are members of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the UK or of the Nippon Club. List of Contributors to the JAPAN-UK 150 Fund.
Applications for grants are invited from organisations based in the UK or Japan and who have a bank account in the UK, for small-scale events related to Japan and Japanese culture that are registered under JAPAN-UK 150. We particularly encourage applications from those who are involved in grassroots events being planned by non-profit organizations in regional communities across the UK. If you have not already registered with JAPAN-UK 150 please do so by reading the registration information and filling out the application form found here (see Application for registration section).

The JAPAN-UK 150 Fund is concentrating its support on activities where a small injection of funds can make a real difference. The maximum award is 2,000 and this should not, in principle, cover more than 50% of the total budget. Applicants must therefore be able to demonstrate that they have secured other sources of funding (including self-finance) for the planned projects. Please note that we only provide funding for projects and events taking place in the UK and that this grant scheme will be terminated when all the funds available have been allocated.

Priority is being given to applications for events taking place in the UK with the following elements:

  • audience participation
  • regional involvement
  • interaction between Japanese and UK citizens
  • All enquiries regarding this grant scheme should be addressed to the JAPAN-UK 150 Desk. Completed application forms should be submitted to the JAPAN-UK 150 Desk by e-mail at least eight weeks prior to the date of the
    planned event. The decision of the JAPAN-UK 150 Fund Steering Committee will be notified to the applicant in writing. As a general rule, unsuccessful applicants will not be given detailed reasons for the decision.
    After the event, within a month, the fund recipient should submit a detailed event report including the budget, summarising income and expenditure, along with a receipt for the funding received.

    Download JAPAN-UK 150 Fund application form (Word document)
    Download JAPAN-UK 150 Fund report form (Word document)

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