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UCL - Japan Youth Challenge

  •   2 - 23 August 2022(4 weeks, weekdays only)*
    Applications are now open for the UCL - Japan Youth Challenge!
  •   9.00 am – 12.00 pm in UK time (BST)
  •   Online
  •   020 7492 6570

* Weeks 1 – 4 on Tuesdays are the main programme events and full attendance is required. Various lectures will be held on other weekdays. A minimum attendance of eight lectures is required.

The UCL-Japan Youth Challenge is a prestigious annual summer school programme which has a tremendous reputation and impact since 2015. Pre-university students from Japan and the UK attend a series of university-style lectures on a wide range of subjects by academics from leading UK universities including UCL (University College London), and engage in UCL Grand Challenge Workshop.

This year the theme is Innovative Enterprises for Sustainable Future.

Suitable candidates will match the following description: You need to be a disruptive and creative thinker. You will tackle a challenge of building a sustainable business by applying ‘design thinking’ techniques. You will be discussing in a group of diverse thinkers and deriving your solution in the end. You also have opportunities to consolidate your understanding about SDGs and ESG through lectures. After this journey, you will be ready to see the world through the lens of a top-notch design thinker.

For more information and to apply, please click here.