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BPSC: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity

Join us on Wednesday 29 March (and the last Wednesday of every month) for the next session in our long-running Bilingual Public Speaking Club (BPSC).

Every month we propose a topic in advance and invite participants to make a short speech (from 1 to 5 minutes) in the language of their choice (English or Japanese). It can be a structured presentation prepared in advance, or just some spontaneous thoughts about the topic if you prefer; the important point is to gain experience in speaking to an audience.  Everyone will have the chance to speak and to interact with others, asking questions and giving feedback in an informal, friendly and supportive atmosphere. The BPSC is designed to be an interactive space to improve communication and presentation abilities in English and/or Japanese, learning techniques and tricks to develop confidence in speaking in public. 

The topic for March is “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity”. Technology, of course, has many innumerable benefits and we are increasingly dependent on it. Is AI a bright future or a menace to our society? 
Check these pages for inspiration: 
Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humans (en)
Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) A Threat To Humans? (en)
How AI is changing everything (en)

BPSC is open to anyone who is willing to speak in public in Japanese or in English. However, please note that you need knowledge of both languages to participate. The main focus of the Club is on developing confidence in public speaking, rather than language learning. The event is not suitable for beginners; as a minimum, you need to be able to hold a conversation in both languages, though both native speakers and language students are welcomed.

As well as public speaking, the Club is a great opportunity to get to know other members with similar interests, so why not join us beforehand at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese and we will walk the short distance over to Deloitte at 6.45pm. Please let us know in advance if you plan to do so.

We are grateful to Deloitte for hosting this event.

If you have any questions, please call the Japan Society office on 020 3075 1996 or email us at:

Booking Info

  • The topic for the March session is “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity”. Please prepare a short speech (from 1 to 5 minutes) in the language of your choice (English or Japanese). 

  • You should receive an automated email from the Japan Society to let you know that your booking request has been registered. Please note that your booking is pending while we check your details and you will receive a further email once your booking is confirmed.

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