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160th Anniversary of Choshu Five’s visit to Scotland in 1863 Leading the Establishment of Deaf Education in Japan

Deaf Scotland History celebrates 160th anniversary of Japan’s Choshu Five with the partnership of University of Tsukuba’s School for the Deaf, University College London, and Japanese Embassy of Edinburgh.

Yozo Yamao, one of the five young Japanese noblemen who travelled aboard to London and studied at University College London, then moved to Glasgow to receive technical training at Napier’s shipyard on the Clyde. He met Deaf workers, which led to the idea for the establishment of deaf education in Japan. On his return, he contributed Japan’s first deaf and blind education, University of Tsukuba’s School for the Deaf and Blind.

The special guest presenters from University of Tsukuba’s School for the Deaf and Glasgow’s Napier’s shipyard will share their stories about Yozo Yamao and Deaf workers.


Admission: 60 seats limited. Non-members pay £5 while DHS members attend free