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Beyond the Cold - Seasonal Woodblock Prints by Kitaoka Fumio

In the realm of Japanese culture, the depiction of seasons holds a distinctive role in the arts, with winter standing out as a season characterised by serene beauty and reflective tranquillity. This period signifies a profound transformation in nature, as landscapes transition from the vibrant hues of autumn to a pristine white.

However, winter also prompts a profound reflection on the challenges and resilience associated with the colder months. The complexity of winter in Japanese tradition is intricately woven into the fabric of art and philosophy, enriching the exploration of its multifaceted nature.

The exhibition featuring the woodblock prints of Kitaoka Fumio (1918-2007) serves as a gateway for viewers to delve into the rich tapestry of winter in Japanese culture. Through the prints, the display explores the visual beauty of winter, showcasing the tranquility of snow-covered landscapes and the gradual transition into spring.

Free admission, photo ID is required
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