` Book Launch: On Kurosawa: a Tribute to the Master Director

Book Launch: On Kurosawa: a Tribute to the Master Director

by Peter Tasker
Published by Zen Foto Gallery

In a recent BBC poll of 208 film critics from over 40 different countries, two of the four top-ranking films were directed by Akira Kurosawa. Why are Kurosawa’s films so highly-rated in countries as diverse as China, Belgium and Mexico? In this talk, Peter Tasker will explore Kurosawa’s legacy, read from his new book On Kurosawa: A Tribute to the Master Director and highlight Kurosawa’s oeuvre in words and images.

As Peter reflects, “In today’s world of fake news and competing historical narratives, Rashomon, with its multiple perspectives on the same bloody event, is more relevant than ever. Likewise, the kind of epic struggle depicted in Seven Samurai dates back eons in both Eastern and Western cultures. The film will continue to thrill as long as against-the-odds battles remain to be fought, which is to say as long as human nature remains as it is.”

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