` Japan Now 2019

Japan Now 2019

Japan Now returns this February with a series of events around the UK celebrating the most exciting Japanese literature and culture.

​On 23rd February there will be a day of keynote talks at the British Library in London; novelist Yu Miri and filmmaker Hikaru Toda will discuss how Japan confronts taboo subjects, Kyoko Nakajima, David Peace, Sayaka Murata and Yuya Sato will discuss their novels, and photographer Tomoko Yoneda will relate her global perspective to her home country of Japan.

In parallel with Japan Now, Japan Now North once again will be held in Sheffield for a week of exhibitions, talks and readings from artists and authors including Yurie Nagashima, Risa Tsunegi, Louise Rouse, Rie Iwatake, David Peace and Yu Miri.

Regional events will also take place in Bath, Nottingham, Manchester, Cambridge, Norwich and Cardiff from 19-21 February and will feature many authors for Japan Now.

There is also a dedicated Translation Day at the Free Word Centre on the 22nd February. Japanese literature is now the fourth most translated into English, and the new generation of Japanese translators will discuss the challenges and rewards they face in their work.

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