` Talk: Bodyscapes - New films by Japanese artists

Talk: Bodyscapes - New films by Japanese artists

Bodyscapes is a collection of new films by Japanese artists whose use of the body is central to their work – either as a landscape, a political metaphor or method of expression – the body acts as a vehicle and subject to communicate ideas.

In Fuyuhiko Takata’s Little Mermaid-inspired Cambrian Explosion, Takata’s character – Princess Mermaid – attempts to create his own legs by bloodily sawing his tail in half. Aya Momose attempts to speak and converse with a goat, to share feelings of forgiveness and pain following the commitment from one body to another in her film, To Cuddle a Goat, a Poor Grammar Exercise. And in The Educational System of an Empire by Hikaru Fujii, the artist asks a group of young South Koreans to re-enact the tyrannical actions of colonial Japan upon the nation of Korea. All five films are UK premieres. The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with videoclub’s Director and Curator.




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