` Master - An Ainu Story – by Adam Isfendiyar

Master - An Ainu Story – by Adam Isfendiyar

PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday 21 March 2019 18:00-20:00 (RSVP)

Through a series of photographs and interviews taken by Adam Isfendiyar over a two year period, 'Master - An Ainu Story' tells the life story of an Ainu man - Kenji Matsuda, who grew up being discriminated against in his homeland because of his Ainu heritage. It also gives a rare insight into the lives of one of the indigenous peoples of Japan.


Originally from London, Adam undertook his photography training in Tokyo as an assistant to fashion photographer Masatoshi Yamashiro. During his 8 years living in Japan he worked on two self-directed documentaries: ‘Dancing In The Street’ - a story about homelessness in Tokyo and ‘Master - An Ainu Story’ - a story about the Ainu - an indigenous people of Japan. Adam also works as a photographer on commercial projects and gives photography tours and workshops in London where he is now based.



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