` The Library: LGBTQ+: Diversity in Manga

The Library: LGBTQ+: Diversity in Manga

This display explores the various ways in which gender and sexuality are portrayed in Japanese manga culture.

Exhibited works include ‘the god of manga’ TEZUKA Osamu’s 'Princess Knight' (Ribon no kishi) which depicts a cross-dressing female knight; and pieces from the shōnen-ai genre (also known as ‘Boys Love’ or ‘BL’), a category featuring romantic relationships between young male characters developed by mangaka including HAGIO Moto, TAKEMIYA Keiko and OSHIMA Yumiko, pioneering artists of shōjo manga ('girls comics'). Also on display are modern works by YOSHINAGA Fumi and KUMOTA Haruko who are known for working in a variety of genres including 'Boys Love', and whose works have been strongly influenced by TAKEMIYA Keiko’s ground-breaking 'Kaze to Ki no Uta' manga, first published in the 1970s. The manga on display has been selected from different eras, but each work depicts diverse representations of gender and sexuality expression. Through the display, guests can understand how manga culture has played a role in helping to challenge and soften stereotypes and often rigid social norms in the somewhat conservative society of Japan, and as a result helped to generate increased acceptance of LGBTQ+ individuals and issues.

HABA Yoshitaka

Haba Yoshitaka is a Book Director and representative of BACH, as well as an associate lecturer at Waseda University and Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music. In order to create opportunities for people to have greater access to books and pick up unknown books, Haba produces shop floors, library displays and reading areas that connect book stores and different industries.

His recent works include Wacoal Study Hall Kyoto (a venue that comprises a school, library, gallery and co-working space), ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur and Japan House São Paulo. Haba is a book connoisseur, his love of books goes beyond book curation to include writing and editing.

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