` 'Japanese Should to English Could?' - Sansho Living x Aoyama Flower Market Pop Up at Sway Gallery

'Japanese Should to English Could?' - Sansho Living x Aoyama Flower Market Pop Up at Sway Gallery

Sansho Living is proud to showcase unique and beautiful Japanese ceramics and homeware, including flower vases, fruit bowls and lampshades all suitable for the everyday western lifestyle.

On Thursday 6th June 2019, Sansho Living will lead a seminar The Beauty of Imperfection to introduce the participants to the philosophy of traditional Japanese aesthetics wabi-sabi, which promotes the acceptance of transience and imperfection.

The head florist at Aoyama Flower Market will guide the Flower Arranging and Bonkei Classes, on four different dates, at Sway Gallery London.

Sansho Living works with craftsmen and creators all across Japan to make homeware which is both functional and beautiful. These products combine the Japanese tradition with the modern approach, resulting in tactile and special products, like tableware, convenient for everyday use. The variety of products includes not only pottery, but also rattan interiors, lampshades made of Japanese paper, cushions and other soft interiors.

Aoyama Flower Market was established in 1989 in the exclusive Aoyama district of Tokyo, and opened their 100th store in Japan in 2018. Since opening their first overseas shop in 2015 in Paris, they have also opened a shop in the centre of London, in Selfridges.

Flower Arranging and Bonkei Classes:
The head florist at Aoyama Flower Market will demonstrate the art of combining the aspects of Japanese flower arrangement and ikebana, like the naturalistic elements and asymmetry, with a more traditional European style of bouquet to create elegant and interesting arrangements. Nature will be brought indoors by using common, seasonal plants and branches along with flowers to celebrate the natural beauty all around us.

During the Bonkei class, the participants will be shown how to construct a miniature Bonkei garden, with just moss, stones and trees. Any container can be transformed into a beautiful temporary garden which will bring peace and greenery to any house.

These 1 hour long classes will guide throughout the whole flower arrangement process with ample opportunities to ask questions.

Monday 3rd June 11am- Bonkei Class
Tuesday 4th June 6pm – Vase Arranging Class
Wednesday 5th June 6pm - Bonkei Class
Friday 7th June 11am - Vase Arranging Class
For more details and to reserve space at the classes, visit https://sansho.com/events.html



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