` Digital technology as a bridge between art and society

Digital technology as a bridge between art and society

The rapid evolution of digital technology is re-shaping traditional ways of practising both science and art. Technology provides an interception point that brings together these fields, generating beneficial interactions that support innovation and transformation. We would like to invite you to explore from the perspectives of both art and science how emerging digital technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, are expected to impact our societies.

In this seminar moderated by Ghislaine Boddington, two speakers will discuss the relationship between digital technology, science and art and the implications for society.

About the contributors

Dr Yoichi Ochiai
Dr Yoichi Ochiai is a media artist and Associate Professor at the University of Tsukuba. His work as a media artist explores themes and ideas of ‘Digital Nature’ through the lens of new technology. He combines the digital with the analogue and reality with the virtual to create a present as vital and immediate as nature itself. His work has been widely exhibited, including in the solo exhibitions “Image and Matter” (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2016); “Beauty of National Resolution ∽ End to End Transformation of Material Things ∽ Digital Nature” (Omotesando, Tokyo 2018); and “Sehnsucht Nach Masse” (Tokyo Shinagawa Seaside, 2019). He has received numerous awards including a World Technology award in 2015, the Prix Ars Electronica 2016, an Honorary Mention in the EU STARTS Prizes 2016 and Laval Virtual Awards, 2014-17. He has also been recognized as a St. Gallen Symposium Leader of Tomorrow and as one of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers.

Ghislaine Boddington
Ghislaine Boddington (Chair) is an award winning curator and director, specialising in the future human, body responsive technologies and immersive experiences. She is Co-founder/Creative Director of body>data>space, an interactive creative design collective who advocate for the living body to be at the heart of the digital debate. She is also a Studio Expert for BBC Digital Planet. With a background in performing arts and a focus on the blending of our virtual and physical bodies, she engages diverse audiences in her research “The Internet of Bodies”, linking debates on personal data usage, representation of the self and body enhancements for the future. Ghislaine also consults for the creative industries sector and regularly curates exhibitions and debates, including Nesta’s FutureFest events (2015-18). A Reader in Digital Immersion at University of Greenwich, in 2017 she was awarded the international IX Immersion Experience Visionary Pioneer Award by the Society for Arts and Technology.




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