` Japan's Economic Diplomacy

Japan's Economic Diplomacy

Faced with wide-ranging challenges in the global economy, including trade tensions and increasing calls to reform the WTO, the world needs strong leadership to uphold the multilateral trading system. Mr. Shingo Yamagami, Director General of the Economic Affairs Bureau at the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a seasoned expert in international law and intelligence, will shed light on Japan’s economic diplomacy. He will discuss Japan’s recent chairmanship of the G20, the conclusion of TPP11 and the Japan-EU EPA, and how Japan and the UK can play a greater role in supporting a strong rules-based trading system.

About the contributors

Shingo Yamagami has been Assistant Minister and Director-General of the Economic Affairs Bureau at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MoFA) since last year. Before that, he was Assistant Minister and Director-General of the Intelligence and Analysis Service. His previous experience at MoFA includes Director-General (Acting) of the Japan Institute of International Affairs (2015-17), Ambassador for Policy Planning and International Security Policy and Deputy Director-General of the Foreign Policy Bureau (2014-15), Political Minister in London (2009-12), Director of the Second North America Division (2003-4), Consul in Hong Kong (1998-2000), and Principal Deputy Director of the China and Mongolia Division (1996-98).




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