` Japanese Season of Culture at Chichester College

Japanese Season of Culture at Chichester College

6 August – Japanese Peace Tree Ceremony at Chichester College Forest School
A cherry tree will be planted in the Forest School – our own Peace Tree, in an area of outdoor space dedicated as a Japanese Peace Garden, which international visitor students and college staff can enjoy. We will have a picnic and students will write peace messages to decorate a tree in the garden.

20 September – Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony at Chichester College
Matches from the 2019 Rugby World Cup (20 September – 2 November) will be shown at our social venue, called ‘The Pavilion’. There will be themed nights, with flags. We will organise a charity rugby match, or our own ‘Rugby World Cup’ match, with local and international students as well as staff.

April 2020 – A celebration of Japanese Craft making and Hanami at Chichester
Activities to celebrate Hanami with our Nursery children, to include making cranes to decorate the Peace Tree.

14 July 2020 – ‘Crazy’ Japanese Olympic Games: events and competitions with the participation of the whole college (students and staff)
1. Chopstics Competition
2. Making Chopstics bridge
3. Karaoke
4. Senbazuru – 1000 crane making.
5. Origami
6. Ayatori ‘string game’
7. Calligraphy
8. Cosplay competition
9. Giving a public Chonnmage hair cut for a boy who has long hair, students to sponsor and money raised to go for a charity in Japan.
10. Making own chopsticks
11. Samurai costume for boys
12. Bon-Odori

24 July 2020 – Tokyo 2020 Olympics Opening Ceremony at Chichester College
The Opening Ceremony will be screened in the College, with the participation of students and staff on the Chichester College campus.



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