` “Noh” Introductory Workshop

Photography by Jannette Cheong

“Noh” Introductory Workshop

  •   24 August 2019
  •   2 - 4pm
  •   The Quaker Meeting House, 22 School Lane, Liverpool L1 3BT
  •   http://www.jsnw.org.uk/
  •   019 2572 8448
  •   nigeljcordon.t21@btinternet.com

The master Noh actor of the Kita School, Akira Matsui, will offer a 2-hour workshop on Noh singing, movement, and perhaps a demonstration piece for performance as well. He will be accompanied by Richard Emmert, who is himself a distinguished practitioner in Noh, and has composed Noh. He would be able to translate for Matsui.

Akira Matsui is a visiting professional shite actor to the Noh Training Project UK, and an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Holloway University of London.



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