` Japanese Ink Painting Course – Roosters, Herons, Cranes, Peacocks

Japanese Ink Painting Course – Roosters, Herons, Cranes, Peacocks

  •   13, 20, 27 September, 4 October 2019
  •   12.45 - 4.15pm
  •   Burgh House & Hampstead Museum, Burgh House, New End Square, London NW3 1LT
  •   https://www.talialehavi.com/
  •   - - -
  •   paint235@googlemail.com

Join Talia and learn how to paint the rooster, heron, crane and peacock, using traditional Japanese brushes, ink & watercolour on fine paper.

This mixed level 4-day course will explore these much-adored animal themes within the context of their meaning and significance in Japanese art. With each subject, you will learn about its core feature and ideas, alongside key brush strokes of each technique.

Based on simplicity and minimalism, this workshop is a form of active meditation, training or discipline of hands and mind. It enhances self-confidence and flow with the brush, promoting new sets of drawing skills. Each lesson will begin with a brief introduction and demonstration by Talia, you will learn various brush strokes and exercises accompanied by study sheets, plenty of practice time, a one-to-one tutorial and group discussion. You will be making your very own finished painting at the end of each session.

Entrance fee: £345



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