` “The Wings” Concert in London

“The Wings” Concert in London

  •   14 September 2019
  •   3-4.45pm (Approx.)
  •   St. John’s Wood Church, Lord’s Roundabout, St John’s Wood, London NW8 7NE
  •   https://www.chorfluegel.com/
  •   - - -
  •   chika@waseda.jp

“The Wings” is a male choir formed by old boys and a group of students of Waseda University Chor Flügel in Tokyo, Japan. We held concerts in Paris and New York in 2016 and 2018 respectively with each city’s Japanese choir. This year, we are very happy to collaborate with The Green Chorus in London.

The concert programme includes:
1. Sacred songs: Gloria(Gounod), Heilig(Schubert), Ave Maria(Arcadelt), etc.
2. English folk songs: Danny boy, The Last Rose of Summer, etc.
3. Here’s another one, Today (Female choral suite, music by Akane Nakanishi)
4. Japanese songs: Flowers of trifoliate orange, Children songs, etc.

Conductors: Naomoto Okayama (1, 4), Shigeru Muto (2) and Suika Takatsuka (3)
Piano: Mari Hata (2, 4) and Noriko Sekiya (3)

Admission Free



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