` Digital Technologies and Global Innovation

Digital Technologies and Global Innovation

Innovation bringing global change can emerge from anywhere in the world. Recent innovations in digital technologies applied to new business models, such as FinTech and digital payments, have started to generate significant benefits for our economies and societies. These technologies are expected to expand the frontiers of traditional financing systems.

In this seminar, Soumitra Dutta will explain how digital technologies are expected to impact global innovation. Makoto Goda, who has implemented a new electronic money and payment system in Africa, will explain the impact of digital transformation in the context of local economies, as well as presenting some examples of local currency applications in Japan. Finally, Ben Brabyn will talk about the innovation ecosystem in London, and how to apply a similar model to other cities.

About the contributors

Soumitra Dutta is Professor of Management and the former founding dean of the SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University, New York. He is the founding co-editor and author of the Global Information Technology Report and the founding editor of the Global Innovation Index. He has co-founded two firms, including Fisheye Analytics, and is currently Chair of the Board of Directors of the Global Business School Network. He was previously the Chair of AACSB, the leading global body for the accreditation of business schools. Since October 2018 he has been co-chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Innovation Ecosystems, and as a long-time participant in the Annual Davos meeting of the World Economic Forum, he has engaged in a number of multi-stakeholder initiatives to shape global, regional and industry agendas. He was previously the Anne and Elmer Lindseth Dean of the SC Johnson Graduate School of Management, and prior to this he was the Roland Berger Chaired Professor of Business and Technology at INSEAD.

Makoto Goda is CEO of Nippon Biodiesel Fuel. After studying Law at Kyoto University, he founded Nippon Biodiesel Fuel Co., Ltd. in 2000, which produces and sells biodiesel, mainly in Asia. Later, the company expanded its business base into Mozambique, Africa. In 2012, he established a local subsidiary in Mozambique, through which he is supporting villages without access to electricity with locally-produced renewable energy and food, and also developing FinTech and AgriTech services usable for farm villages and rural areas. He has been profiled by the Nikkei Asia Review as one of Japan’s most prominent FinTech entrepreneurs.

Ben Brabyn is Head of Level39. Having studied at Edinburgh University and Warwick Business School, he spent five years in the British Armed Forces with the Royal Marines, leaving as Captain, and subsequently worked as an analyst for JP Morgan. He launched the world’s first crowdfunding business, Bmycharity, which was later sold to Help for Heroes. As well as launching an e-commerce site and working as an advisor for various energy, healthcare and social media businesses, he has worked for the UK government as COO of UK Trade and Investment’s Venture Capital Unit. He joined Level39 as Head in February 2016, supporting high-growth technology companies transforming global financial services, and is an ambassador for the Royal Navy and Heropreneurs.




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