` Awaken your zen… Retreat Day

Awaken your zen… Retreat Day

Welcome the New Year with a retreat day in the Castle and grounds, inspired by Japanese Zen Buddhism. Zen is a school of Buddhism which focuses on meditation and the inner world. It has influenced practices and art forms in Japan such as the tea ceremony, flower arranging, ink painting, and traditional architecture.

Beginning with an introduction to the Japanese art collection at the Castle by the Curator, the day is a collaboration of four different approaches to mindfulness. The approaches are Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing), Kanga Yoga (Wild Yoga), a demonstration of Toyohari acupuncture, and food and drink wellness advice. The day also includes a delicious locally-sourced lunch with a Japanese twist.

Tickets are £75 or £70 each for a group booking of 6 or more.
To book please contact hello@chiddingstonecastle.org.uk or call 01892 870347



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