` I Bloom: Concert by Mieko Shimizu with Special Guest Kitamura Keiko

I Bloom: Concert by Mieko Shimizu with Special Guest Kitamura Keiko

London based artist Mieko Shimizu is known for her experimental sounds where ambient electronic sonorities are juxtaposed to classical elements such as the Japanese koto, a long board zither with thirteen silk strings which developed in China and came to Japan in the 7th–8th centuries.

With the release of her new album ‘I Bloom’ in February 2019, Japan House with Street Furniture Records is delighted to present an evening exploring the connection between this ancient Japanese instrument and contemporary, electronic music.

Featuring Kitamura Keiko on koto, Mieko Shimizu’s creative edge combines iconic Japanese melodies with an avant-garde twist through multi-effect processors and a Moog synthesizer, showcasing her distinctive vocals and a unique blend of ancient and modern sound.

About Mieko Shimizu:
Mieko Shimizu is a prolific London based Japanese singer, songwriter, composer and producer, with a career that has seen her as an acclaimed Japanese electronic artist, signed to the personal label of Hosono Haruomi from Yellow Magic Orchestra, a collaborator with Mick Karn of the seminal band Japan, as well as performer at Sonar, alongside Kraftwerk and Massive Attack at their Melt Down with Riz MC, AKA actor Riz Amid and a residence at London’s Southbank.

About Kitamura Keiko:
Kitamura Keiko was born in Fukuyama, Hiroshima prefecture and her early years were spent studying koto, shamisen and vocals under the tutelage of her aunt Kitamura Kyoko. She is now based in the UK and has worked extensively with a variety of traditional Japanese and contemporary Western musicians and has performed at the London Olympics music festival, BT River of Music, Glastonbury Festival, Ronnie Scotts and Kings Place, as well as appearing on BBC Radio 3.

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