` UK-Japan Cybersecurity Collaboration – Shinichi Yokohama, CISO, NTT

UK-Japan Cybersecurity Collaboration – Shinichi Yokohama, CISO, NTT

In an increasingly inter-connected and digitized world, concerns about cybersecurity are more and more part of all our lives. For companies, the issues are business critical from a functional as well as reputational perspective, and the consequences of failures in data protection or implementation of new technologies are far reaching.

For this seminar, we look forward to welcoming a leading expert in cybersecurity, Shinichi Yokohama, CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) at NTT. In his talk, Shinichi will highlight UK-Japan collaboration opportunities in cybersecurity space by addressing the “Myths & Realities” about the cybersecurity of Japanese industry.

Shinichi Yokohama leads cybersecurity activities for the entire NTT Group. He has also been active in public advocacy in Japan, the US and recently in ASEAN and Europe. He played a panelist role at the White House Cyber Security Summit (February 2015) and the US Department of Commerce’s NIST Cybersecurity Framework workshop (April 2016 and May 2017). Most recently, he was a panellist at the G7 ICT Industry Ministerial Multi-stakeholder Conference in Torino, Italy (September 2017). In October 2015, his team published a Japanese book, “Cyber Security for Business Executives” (English translation available here) In March 2018, he published a second book, “Business Management and Cyber Security”.

Before starting a security role in July 2014, he was with NTT DATA and led its post-acquisition integration of non-Japan operations. Prior to joining NTT, he was with McKinsey Japan for 18 years. At McKinsey, he focused on serving telecom and high-tech industries and led its Technology Practice. Previously, he worked on industrial technology policy at the Japanese government’s MITI (currently METI) for 8 years. Shinichi Yokohama studied nuclear engineering at the University of Tokyo. He has a master’s degree in Public Policy from the Kennedy School, Harvard. As his social contribution, he was a board member of Special Olympics Japan until March 2019.

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