` FinTech and Beyond – How to Use Financial Technologies in Global Business

FinTech and Beyond – How to Use Financial Technologies in Global Business

We are in an era where the evolution of business opportunities is increasingly data-led and where digitalization may change the regime of our monetary system. You are invited to join the Japan Society for this special seminar to explore the ways in which technology brings finance beyond the finance industry.

Our expert panellists, Janos Barberis, leading entrepreneur and founder of an international accelerator and Yuko Kawai, a central banker, will lead us through the developments of FinTech and discuss the future of money.

During the session, they will give participants a birdseye view of the FinTech landscape and beyond – challenging you to consider how to use FinTech in your own business . For example, exporting or trading companies may want to consider joining blockchain PoCs, while retail companies may want to consider more digital payments.

Presentations by our speakers will be followed by an open session for questions and discussion, and the evening will conclude with an informal networking reception.

We are extremely grateful to Mitsubishi Corporation for generously hosting this seminar.

Janos Barberis is founder and CEO of SuperCharger, one of the most successful FinTech accelerators in Asia with a presence in Hong Kong and Malaysia. Janos was recognized as a “Top-35 Global FinTech leader” by Institutional Investor Magazine, with expertise in understanding the regulatory implications brought on by the development of FinTech.

The 49 start-ups across Janos’ accelerator cohorts have raised over US$500 million and are regularly listed as leading FinTech companies, globally. He has trained over 100,000 people in the last four years through online courses (x2), books (x3) and academic papers (5) in order to raise market awareness on FinTech & Regtech.

Janos sat on the FinTech advisory boards of the World Economic Forum and the Securities & Futures Commission in Hong Kong. Janos currently focuses on the financial stability implications of BigTech firms, given their “too-large-to-ignore scale” and promotes a sustainable finance agenda via start-up business models. He leads a team of 18 people across key FinTech hubs, including Hong Kong, Singapore & London.

Yuko Kawai has been the General Manager for Europe for the Bank of Japan, the central bank, since March 2018. She is in charge of research on economies and financial market/industry developments in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Prior to taking up her current role in Europe, Yuko Kawai was head of the Bank of Japan’s FinTech Center, which conducts research into related technologies and operates as an information hub amongst practitioners, researchers and other related parties. She joined the Bank of Japan in 2003 where, aside from her role at the FinTech Center, she has served as Kochi branch manager, Head of the Foreign Exchange Division, Chief Representative in Hong Kong as well as various roles in the Financial Markets and in the Financial System and Bank Examination Department.

Before joining the Bank of Japan, she worked in the JPMorgan/Chase/Chemical Bank group taking various roles in the financial market division, most notably dealing and structuring of derivatives products, and subsequently at RPTech, an independent think tank, as a research director.

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