` Saori Freestyle Weaving Workshops

Saori Freestyle Weaving Workshops

The Japan Society is delighted to present Saori freestyle weaving workshops, led by Erna Janine. During this special workshop, you will be introduced to the intuitive art of Saori weaving.

Developed in Japan during the late Sixties by Misao Jo (1913-2018) Saori weaving is unique and different from other traditional styles of hand weaving. Whilst commercial factories are only eager to produce “flawless” fabric, the irregular selvage and accidental skip of thread add the unprogrammed character to the Saori cloth.

Using sustainable yarns, the participants will explore the creative possibilities offered by the relatively simple wooden floor looms. All looms are pre-threaded so all you will have to do is choose your colours and textures for your own unique cloth. This workshop is suitable for beginners, no previous weaving experience needed.

Erna Janine has been involved with natural textiles for over 20 years. She studied hand spinning with animal and plant fibres, botanical dyes and Viking age textile construction: warp weighted looms, tablet weaving, nalbinding etc. at the Icelandic College for Traditional Handcrafts in Reyjavik. For the last four years she has been visiting Japan regularly to study Saori freeweaving. Janine has been running the Freeweaver Saori Studio in London since 2017' where people can use floor looms to make simple garments of art pieces from recycled and natural yarns.

Booking essential
Members: £45
Non-members: £60

Booking deadline: Wednesday 16 February
Please note that spaces are limited and so early booking is recommended.

Book online here.

(a) Sunday 1 March 12.00pm – 3.30pm
(b) Sunday 1 March 5.00pm – 8.30pm
(c) Monday 2 March 2.00pm – 5.30pm

Please specify which date/time you would like to participate when booking.



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