` Sakura Festival in Leeds Vol.4

Sakura Festival in Leeds Vol.4

【What image do you have of Japan?】
When we ask this question, many people say Sushi, Manga, Anime ..... We would like British people and people from other countries to know Japanese culture has other charms than those well-known images. Moreover, Japanese local culture is also fascinating. We hope British people will have a great Japanese experience in Leeds and become a bridge between Japan and the UK.

【What can you do in Sakura Festival?】
In this festival,
1. Performance
”Wadaiko” performance: You can experience “Wadaiko”, which is a traditional Japanese powerful drum performance.

2. Japanese Food
①Local Food: Following our event theme “Japan 2020 Tour”, we will serve local Japanese food from some prefectures. Besides basic Japanese food such as Sushi or Tempura, you can enjoy lively Japanese food culture in this festival. (eg, Goheimochi/Gifu Okonomiyaki/Osaka Oden/Shizuoka). In order to get this great food experience into your daily life, all ingredients are purchased in Leeds and the recipes will be provided in our event.
②Activities: Wankosoba challenge (eating as many small bowls of Iwate-style soba as possible within a fixed time) and Japanese sake tasting.

3. Experience
①Traditional culture: We are planning to provide opportunities for calligraphy, tea ceremony and dressing in Yukata – the most popular activities at previous Sakura Festivals in Leeds.
②Japanese games: You can try not only Origami or Kendama, which are suitable for all generations, but also Super ball scooping or Yo-yo fishing, often seen at Japanese festivals.
③Recording your experience: You try the various activities and snacks, with a card which is stamped each time, when all the spaces have been stamped, you can win a prize.

*Free entry



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