` Tsugaru Shamisen and Minyo Concert

Tsugaru Shamisen and Minyo Concert

An opportunity to experience authentic Japanese folk music in one of the rarest occasions in the UK for anyone interested in Japanese music and history.

Hibiki Ichikawa, the only professional player of Tsugaru Shamisen (large three-stringed traditional Japanese musical instrument) in the Europe, presents the largest Tsugaru Shamisen and Minyo (Japanese folk music) concert in London at the British Library.

Two top award winning Japanese folk musicians, Hibiki’s Tsugaru Shamisen master Akihiro Ichikawa and singer-dancer Yoshie Asano Campbell, joined by the German shamisen trio Mitsune and London-based singer Akari Mochizuki will perform a rich and diverse musical programme.

Musicians: Hibiki Ichikawa (Tsugaru Shamisen); Akihiro Ichikawa (Tsugaru Shamisen); Yoshie Asano-Campbell (Minyo Singer/Dancer); Akari Mochizuki (Singer/MC) - Mitsune Shamisen Trio

Image above: Hibiki Ichikawa

Full Price: £13.00
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Student: £6.50
Registered Unemployed: £6.50
Disabled: £6.50
Under 18: £6.50
Senior (60+): £11.00
Young Person (18-25): £6.50

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