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JWA Presents: Japanese Woodwork Webinars With Masahiro Kudo – Live From Japan

5 Episodes every Sunday in May 2020.

ALL events start at 10am and finish at 11am UK time (6-7pm Japan time or 11am-12pm CEST).

3 May | Episode 1: ‘Masu‘ Cup Overview | Sumitsuke – Measuring + Marking
10 May | Episode 2: Nokohiki – Sawing | Cutting The Pins & Tails
17 May | Episode 3: Aradori – Rough Chiselling The Joints
24 May | Episode 4: Shiage – Finishing | Kumitate – Assembly PART 1
31 May | Episode 5: Shiage – Finishing | Kumitate – Assembly PART 2

Watch and learn as talented young craftsman and JWA Featured Maker, Masahiro Kudo, takes you on his journey crafting a traditional wooden sake cup or ‘masu‘.

Consisting of 5 x 1 hour episodes, this live webinar series sees Masahiro using traditional Japanese hand tools and woodwork techniques to craft and finish intricate dovetail joints called ‘ari-gumi‘. Witness Masahiro work the wood with precision techniques, all by hand and interact with him directly in a live Q & A session during each episode.

Starting on 3 May and each following Sunday in May 2020 we’ll be broadcasting live via Zoom from Masahiro’s workshop in Chiba, just outside of Tokyo.

Each webinar will be assisted by narrator and Japanese-English translator, Kaho Sakuta and hosted by JWA founder, Daigo Smith.

Please note: these are professional demonstration webinars and not follow along craft workshops to make your own ‘masu’ cup.

Episode 1 is free.

There will be a nominal entrance fee (25 euros) for each further episode (2-5) the proceeds of which will aim to cover some of the set up costs of the webinars including technical equipment (cameras, microphones) and software susbcriptions.



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