` Yonkoma manga: A workshop led by Shango


Yonkoma manga: A workshop led by Shango

Yonkoma manga: A workshop led by Shango org

How have you been managing your life under the lockdown? Would you like to learn how to express and share a slice of your life in a manga panel? Follow as author and manga artist Shango gives you tips on drawing yonkoma manga online!

Yonkoma manga is a Japanese comic strip format which utilises four panels generally of equal size to tell a brief story or illustrate a scene – often with humorous undertones. Originating in early 20th century Japan, the format has proliferated in many other Asian countries, and indeed the West, since.

This workshop is open to all abilities and you do not have to have any prior knowledge of manga drawing, or yonkoma manga. Whether you just want to spend an hour creatively and ease any stresses, or are an aspiring illustrator, the pace will be right for everyone.

Following the workshop, participants are welcome to share their creations with us at Japan Foundation, as well as with Shango, by tagging our social media accounts or using the hashtag #YonkomaChallenge.

Author/Artist Shangomola Edunjobi began his comics career in 2014 when his One Page Comic ‘Scarlet’ took first prize in the London Graphic Novel Network A3 comic competition 2014. Since then he has won a series of awards and also contributed to the 2019 Citi MANGA exhibition at the British Museum as its Curator of tone. He will start the session by introducing his work, explaining his methods and motivations, such as the passion for creating ethnic diversity in comics. Then, he will take the participants through a step by step tutorial, teaching you structure, technique, and style so that you can add your individual story to the project.

Date: 29 May 2020 from 12.00pm
Venue: Online Zoom Seminar

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