ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Film Club: Good Morning directed by Yasujiro Ozu

ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Film Club: Good Morning directed by Yasujiro Ozu

Do you love Japanese film classics, anime or contemporary cinema stories? Do you miss Japan and want to see it at least on screen? Would you like to learn and discuss about Japanese culture and society?

Join us for the new Japan Society Film Club where we will chat online about films and Japan in an informal atmosphere. If you yearn to go to the cinema during the lockdown, this is the event for you!

Japan Society Film Clubs will take place on a regular basis. We will recommend a film to watch in advance and meet online to discuss. Films are often available online for free, on DVD or at BFI player(*) which this year is celebrating Japan 2020, a special season on Japanese cinema. When possible, we will invite film experts to introduce and lead the discussion, but the event is open to all and we encourage participants to freely express their opinions and feelings about the films.

In the opening session of the Film Club, we invite you to watch Good Morning directed by Yasujiro Ozu in 1959.

Good Morning (『お早よう』) is a cheerful comedy depicting the everyday life of middle-class families in post-war Japan. Showing the gossips and aspirations of housewives, the job struggles and drinking habits of husbands and the dreams and wittiness of children, the film offers a refreshing take on family and neighbourhood life, perfect for these days of lockdown at home.

Yasujiro Ozu (1903-1963) is one of the masters of classic cinema in Japan and around the world. Director of masterpieces such as Tokyo Story or Late Spring, he is most known for his inventive formal style and his recurrent stories, universal and specifically Japanese at the same time. Good Morning is one of his first films in colour and part of his later career.

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* Films at the BFI player are available with a monthly subscription (£4.99/month after 14 day free trial). As a charity organisation, BFI helps to support films and the film industry in the UK.

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