` Noh Reimagined 2020: Spirits of Flowers

Noh Reimagined 2020: Spirits of Flowers
Postponed until 18 & 19 June 2021

Noh Reimagined: Spirits of Flowers explores how humans exist within – and as part of – the natural environment. As we adjust to a changing climate, we look to Japan, where people have worshipped nature since ancient times. Noh theatre has deep links to this culture and the kami (deity spirits) that are revered in Japan. These spirits of flowers and plants appear in many Noh stories, interacting with human beings and offering an image of how we might relate to the natural world. As part of this, outstanding Japanese Noh performers will present classical masterpieces, handed down for centuries, while exciting British artists will explore what we can learn from this 650-year-old tradition.

Noh Performers 能楽師
・ Minoru IV Gensho Umewaka (Living National Treasure) – shite actor, Kanze school 梅若実玄(人間国宝・観世流シテ方)
・ Kohei Kawaguchi – shite actor, Kanze school 川口康平 (観世流シテ方)
・ Yukihiro Isso – nohkan flute, Isso school 一噌幸弘 (一噌流能管)
・ Kyosuke Tanabe – kotsuzumi (shoulder drum), Okura school 田邉恭資 (大蔵流小鼓)
・ Yoshitaro Tsukuda – otsuzumi (hip drum), Takayasu school 佃良太郎 (高安流大鼓)
・ Masato Kotera – taiko (stick drum), Kanze school 小寺真人 (観世流太鼓)

British artists 英国の参加芸術家
・ Piers Adams (baroque recorder, the leader of the world-famous Red Priest)
・ Cerith Wyn Evans (world-famous contemporary artist, winner of the Hepworth Prize for Sculpture in 2018)
・ Thick & Tight (award-winning mime dance duo)
・ Chisato Minamimura (BSL performance artist)
・ Aisha Orazbayeva (violinist)
and others

Curated by Akiko Yanagisawa (Mu:Arts)



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