Japan: Water

Japan: Water
New Date: 24th March - 24 July 2021

Japan-Water, GroundWork Gallery’s Spring 2021 exhibition.  24th March - 24 July 2021.  Open virtually & by appointment March-April. Doors open to public from 5 May - 24 July: Wednesdays to Saturdays 11-4.

The artists in GroundWork Gallery’s Spring exhibition, Japan : Water take us on a journey into the significance of water in Japanese art and culture. Water is important for Japan’s economy and indeed its survival. Tea, sake, rice, fish, handmade paper, hot baths: so many keystones of the Japanese way of life depend on clean, pure water. However, water is also under attack and nowhere more so than in Japan, where the 2011 earthquake and tsunami led to Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant leaking radioactive material into the sea, and where for decades acid rain has polluted rice farms and forests on the north west coast of Honshu, Japan’s main island.  Works in this exhibition tackle each aspect of the subject of water, from purity to pollution, from calm to turbulence. 

Artists include: Nana Shiomi, Lisa Keiko Kirton, Isao Miura, Jonathan Meuli, Hakan Topal.



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