ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Book Club: The Little House by Kyoko Nakajima

ONLINE EVENT - Japan Society Book Club: The Little House by Kyoko Nakajima

The Naoki prize winning novel The Little House is introduced from the perspective of Taki, written as a memoire as the protagonist reflects on her nostalgic memories of a house she once served as a maid at. Told in a blunt truth, the novel – set over a period of 15 years during the early Showa era – explores life during war as well as the familial and cultural aspects entailing it. Written in a compelling format, the final chapter transforms the novel into a dramatic and gruesome story, moulding The Little House into Nakajima’s prize winning masterpiece.

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Kyoko Nakajima was born in 1964 in Suginami, Tokyo. Once she graduated from university, for several years she worked as an editor in the publishing industry at a number of firms such as Cawaii!. By 2003 (having moved on from editing) she made her debut as an author with Futon and has continued to write alongside detailing her opinions on contemporary culture and politics for Mainichi Shimbun to the present day. Her 2010 novel The Little House received the 143rd Naoki literature prize. If you have any questions, please call the Japan Society office on 020 3075 1996 or email

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