The UK-Japan Relationship: Security and Political Cooperation


Join us for an online discussion held in collaboration with Chatham House and the Embassy of Japan in the UK.

The speakers will assess UK-Japan security and political cooperation in the context of Japan’s Abe administration’s evolving security strategy. They will discuss the UK-Japan relationship in light of developing interests in the Indo-Pacific, as well as Japan’s increasingly proactive role in the Indian Ocean and the Middle East. They will also consider both countries’ policies on China and outline the role these policies could play in managing respective relationships with the United States.

This event is held in partnership with Japan House London and the Embassy of Japan in the UK.

Please note that the event will be recorded.

About the speakers

Hosoya Yūichi, Ph.D., is Professor of International Politics at Keio University, Tokyo. He is also Senior Consulting Fellow at the Asia-Pacific Initiative, Tokyo, Senior Researcher at the Nakasone Peace Institute (NPI), Senior Fellow at The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research, and Senior Adjunct Fellow at the Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA). Professor Hosoya was a member of the Advisory Board at Japan’s National Security Council (NSC) (2014-2016). He was also a member of Prime Minister’s Advisory Panel on Reconstruction of the Legal Basis for Security (2013-14), and Prime Minister’s Advisory Panel on National Security and Defense Capabilities (2013). He studied international politics at Rikkyo (BA), Birmingham (MIS), and Keio (Ph.D.). His most recent publications include, ‘Security Politics: Legislation for a New Security Environment’ (Tokyo: JPIC, 2019); ‘History, Memory & Politics in Postwar Japan’ (Co-editor, Lynne Rienner: Boulder, 2020); and “Japan’s Security Policy in East Asia”, in Yul Sohn and T.J. Pempel (eds.), ‘Japan and Asia’s Contested Order: The Interplay of Security, Economics, and Identity’ (Palgrave, 2018).

Dr Alessio Patalano is Reader in East Asian Warfare and Security at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. He specialises in maritime strategy and doctrine, Japanese military history and strategy, East Asian Security, and Anglo-Japanese defence cooperation. Dr Patalano is currently visiting researcher at the Japan Maritime Command and Staff College. His latest monograph ‘Post-war Japan as a Seapower: Imperial Legacy, Wartime Experience, and the Making of a Navy’ (Bloomsbury 2015) received international recognition, and was translated in Mandarin. Dr Patalano’s current research focuses on the impact of strategic geography on Indo-Pacific security dynamics, and is he is writing a ground-breaking revisionist study of the Japanese post-war rearmament.

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