Online Beginners’ Shibori (Stitch and bind) Workshop


Online Beginners’ Shibori (Stitch and bind) Workshop

In this online workshop, led by Rob Jones, the participants will learn basic shibori stitching and binding techniques. This workshop is suitable for complete beginners.

The ancient art of Shibori resist has been practised in Japan for over 1500 years. There are an infinite number of ways one can bind, stitch, fold, twist, or compress cloth for Shibori, and each way results in very different patterns.

Over the 2 hour workshop you will master the following skills:

  • The basic Kamosage knot used to secure all bound work
  • How to make the Kumo (spiderweb), Bai (seashell), and Ne maki (wrapped beads) patterns using binding
  • How to make larger patterns using variations of these binding methods
  • The three basic stitches – Nui (running stitch), Ori nui (teeth) and Maki nui (twist stitch)
  • Other patterns such as Karamatsu (larch) and Mokume (woodgrain) will be presented if time permits

Please note, in this workshop you will learn how to prepare your pieces for dyeing, so that you will be able to go on to dye at your own convenience following the workshop. An explanation of how to set up the Dylon dye* will be given, but the packet also comes with simple instructions.

Participants will need the following materials and tools for the workshop:

  • Pre-washed cotton fabric
  • Needle
  • Strong thread - ideally bonded nylon 60s weight upholstery thread or a strong cotton or linen thread
  • Small pair of sharp scissors
  • Baking beads or marbles
  • A batch of small cut squares of scrap fabric (approx. 1cm square) to use as blockers

In order to dye your pieces following the online workshop you will need to buy a Dylon hand dye and 250g table salt. You will also need a plastic bucket, stirrer and rubber gloves.

Shibori tote bag kit can be purchased from Romor Designs, and some materials and tools from Susan Briscoe Design or Doughty’s Online.

London-based Romor Designs was formed in the autumn of 2015 by Rob Jones, a Shibori textiles designer and natural dyer. Having discovered Shibori, the ancient Japanese art of resist dyeing, at West Dean college, Rob went on to study in Japan under indigo guru, Bryan Whitehead. In 2018, Rob returned to Japan to expand his Japanese textiles skills, visiting Ise, the home of Katagami stencilling and buying supplies to set up his own teaching practice back in the UK.

If you have any questions, please call the Japan Society office on 020 3075 1996 or email us at:

Booking Details
£25 per person
Booking essential - Priority for Japan Society Members and their guests
Please note that spaces are limited to 6 participants in order to allow one-to-one instruction and so early booking is recommended.
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