` Colouring for the Future - From a Kutani Porcelain Studio

Colouring for the Future - From a Kutani Porcelain Studio

Kutani ware is one of Japan’s traditional porcelain forms, with almost 400 years history and originating from Ishikawa in the north-western region of Hokuriku. Rather than its shape, its characteristics lie in the application of five vivid colours of Japanese pigment: green, blue, yellow, purple and red; as well as in the bold yet artistic painting style which is individual to each kiln.

Having fascinated global ceramic connoisseurs and lovers for a long time, this style of porcelain has cultivated a number of renowned creators and some of their works have been exhibited in museums worldwide. However, preserving the tradition is not a single man’s journey and many Kutani ware schools, like many other pottery practices, have been safe-guarded in a “studio” system where several skilled professionals are required to take part in the creation process.

In this online event, the Japan Foundation in collaboration with IndigoRose Project has invited KAMIIDE Keigo, a direct descendant of Kutani Choemon’s kiln founded in 1879, to talk about the history and unique features that exemplify this colourful porcelain. Using conference technology to show the audience around his studio virtually, he will also explain how the pottery system works in the modern age and will present his role as a descendant of this ceramic custom, while demonstrating his idea of driving the tradition forward as a legacy for the future, as well as the way the Kutani techniques have been utilised in his artistic practice.

KAMIIDE will be joined by Dr Clare Pollard, Curator of Japanese Art at the Ashmolean Museum (Oxford University), for a brief conversation following his presentation.

About the speakers

KAMIIDE Keigo is a successor of the Kutani Choemon pottery studio (founded in 1879) and has been engaged in full-scale kiln management since the establishment of a joint company, Kamide Shigei. In the studio, he and his fellow craftsmen are involved in the creation of innovative works including the ‘JAIME HAYON x KUTANI CHOEMON’ collaboration series with a Spanish designer, as well as the application of the Kutani porcelain transfer technique, known as ‘KUTANI SEAL’. As an individual artist, he creates his own works and holds solo exhibitions.

Dr Clare Pollard is Curator of Japanese Art at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford University’s museum of art and archaeology and Britain’s first public museum. The Ashmolean is home to an extensive collection of Japanese art, including ceramics, lacquer, paintings, prints, sword furniture and decorative arts of the Meiji era (1868-1912). Clare’s research has focused mainly on Meiji art, while in recent years she has developed a series of exhibitions and catalogues of the Ashmolean’s Japanese print collections.

Please note that this session will be hosted on Zoom.

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Date: 24 September 2020 from 12.00pm

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