` Dancing Nymphs (15*) + ScreenTalk: Emerging Film Curators

Dancing Nymphs (15*) + ScreenTalk: Emerging Film Curators

Filmmaker and choreographer Nao Yoshigai is one of the most fascinating rising artists from Japan. With this event, we present the UK premiere of a selection of her short films.

From the rooms of a traditional Japanese house to vast natural landscapes, female bodies dance together. Eschewing conventional narrative, Yoshigai’s shorts explore movement and touch becomes the gateway to a primordial connection between women and nature.

In her shorts, Yoshigai “choreographs image and sound” to depict women confronted by societal limitations. Yet, she mostly concentrates on their dancing bodies seeking out women’s liberation into nature. Combining surreal settings with an experimental approach, Yoshigai is an observer of the female body as much as a preacher of a gentle ecology.

The programme includes four shorts: I want to go out (2014), Hottamaru Days (2015), The Pear and the Fang (2018), Grand Bouquet (2019). The shorts will be preceded by the filmmaker’s video introduction.

Tickets will be made available at just £5 (£4 online) through Young Barbican



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