` Japanese Textiles and Craft Festival (JT&CF)

Japanese Textiles and Craft Festival (JT&CF)

Exhibition of Japanese Textiles and Crafts

Focussing on process and approach,

Natural fibres and materials

Socially distanced etiquette

“Online Festival via @Japantextilesfestivallondon on Instagram"

(whether we add live demonstrations etc depends on government guidelines at the time of event). Full program too be released in October

To showcase a range of traditional craft principles from Japan
Offer a platform to young craftsmen from Japan who are working their way “back to the roots” of their craft, slower, more sustainable, more conceptual

Create dialogue around the meaning of craft in our modern day lives
Inspire the audience and highlight a few creatives within London who base their craft on Japanese techniques (and have trained in Japan)



Please read guidelines and apply your event