` Doki Doki The Manchester Japanese Festival

Doki Doki The Manchester Japanese Festival
Postponed until 2021

  •   7 & 8 November 2020
  •   11am - 5.30pm
  •   Sugden Sports Centre, 114 Grosvenor St, Manchester M1 7HL; The Bread Shed, 120 Grosvenor Street, Manchester M1 7HL
  •   http://www.dokidokifestival.com/
  •   - - -
  •   info@dokidokifestival.com

An event celebrating both traditional and modern Japanese culture.

The festival includes talks, demonstrations, parades and other events showcasing Japanese culture, language, fashion, cosplay, games, music, dance, manga, anime, martial arts and other arts from Japan's past and present, as well as retail stalls, artist stands, a cinema room and games area and hot and cold Japanese.

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