` E. A. Hornel: From Camera to Canvas

Three Japanese Girls in an Interior, E. A. Hornel, c.1921-25, oil on canvas, © National Trust for Scotland, Broughton House

E. A. Hornel: From Camera to Canvas

  •   7 November 2020 - 14 March 2021
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  •   Edinburgh City Art Centre, 2 Market Street, Edinburgh EH1 1DE
  •   https://www.nts.org.uk/
  •   07864 918969
  •   breiss@nts.org.uk

E. A. Hornel: From Camera to Canvas is an exhibition of the Glasgow Boy's paintings and photographs. Hornel took and collected thousands of images throughout his life, and he used many of these to inspire the paintings that made him wealthy and successful. The exhibition examines how Hornel worked, explores how he looked at the world as a white, western man photographing young women in 'exotic' locations and interrogates the way we look at him today. It introduces visitors to Hornel and his early style and illustrates how strongly his art was shaped by photography. Sections of the exhibition explore Japanese photography, the male gaze and Hornel's colonial eye.

Hornel was particularly interested in the imagery and photography of Japan. He visited the country twice (in 1893-4 and 1920) and collected dozens of photos during his visits. His paintings frequently feature Japanese subjects as seen through a Western gaze. In the catalogue that will accompany the exhibition, we will publish articles on various aspects of the exhibition, including papers on Japanese themes written by Japanese academics. During the exhibition, there will be an events programme with talks and workshops relating to the exhibition and themes of Hornel, photography and Japan.



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