` “Course on the Application of ICT for Teachers - Learning ICT Literacy Through Practice”


“Course on the Application of ICT for Teachers - Learning ICT Literacy Through Practice”

Instructor: Dr. Tomohisa Yamada, Hokkaido University Associate Professor

Guidelines for Applicants

At the Japan Foundation, London, we create and offer quality professional development programmes for educators in Japanese language education.

This newly developed online course aims to help teachers to update and increase their ICT literacy skills. Participants will be invited to be a member of our safe and friendly online learning community to work on carefully selected tasks at their own pace. There will also be a plenty of opportunities to ask questions and to receive guidance and feedback.

Type: Online (using Zoom and Slack software)

Event period: End of November 2020 to March 2021

Applicant Criteria: Teachers of Japanese who are currently employed by an educational institution in the United Kingdom or Europe. (We will prioritise applications from teachers working in secondary education in the United Kingdom)

Participation Requirements: Participants must have no issues with online learning and be able to participate actively in topic discussions, as well as granting permission for the Japan Foundation, London to use images, recordings, surveys, interviews etc for activity reports, evaluations, and future publicity.

Course Language: The course will mainly be conducted in Japanese, but there will be English language support when necessary.

Number of Participants: 15

How to Apply: Please fill out the online form below.


Application Deadline: 16th November (Monday) 9:00AM (GMT)

Note: This course is designed to take place with a small number of participants. The Japan Foundation, London will evaluate applications to decide on who will participate. Please understand that we cannot answer questions regarding success or failure of application.

Schedule (planned)

- 16th November 2020 (Monday) – Application deadline

- 20th November 2020 (Friday) – Notification of application results

- 28th November 2020 (Saturday) – Course orientation

- December 2020 – Distribution of Lecture Video 1

- January 2021 – Distribution of Lecture Video 2

- February 2021 – Distribution of Lecture Video 3

- March 2021 – Reflection and evaluations

Instructor: Dr. Tomohisa Yamada

Associate Professor at Hokkaido University (Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education/ Graduate School of International Media-Communication and Tourism Studies)

Dr Yamada has an MA from the Institute of Education, University of London, and Ph.D. in Education from Hokkaido University. After working with the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies Language Centre and Saga University Exchange Student Centre, he assumed his present post in 2012. His area of research is educational technology and teacher education. As well as his research activities, he is actively involved in giving lectures and professional development programmes aimed at increasing ICT literacy for teachers of Japanese. He was awarded the Hokkaido University Excellent Teachers award (2014 to 2019). Among his key publications are “Practical Use of ICT (Second Edition)” and “Active Learning for Teachers of Japanese” (Kuroshio Shuppan).

Message from the Instructor:

In 2020, due to Covid-19, our lives and our classroom classes have become limited, and we have been forced to move online. Teachers are now urgently required to be able to use ICT. Not only focusing on improving the efficiency of administration and teaching results, but also looking ahead to the future of education, this online course will be formed of the following three perspectives:

Making and Organising: A lesson on the efficacy of the creation of teaching materials, managing student grades and data management.
Presentation: A lesson on what ICT literacy is necessary to present teaching materials to learners.
Linking: A lesson on how to create a space outside of the classroom for teachers and learners to make connections, and how to use that space effectively.
We aim to have participants in this course learn these points together, and for the participants a learning community which promote/value collaborative collegiality. I hope that through this network, the amount of colleagues to whom you can express your “how do I do this?” will increase, and this network that will begin in the United Kingdom will spread to Europe.

Course Coordinator: Yuko Fujimitsu (The Japan Foundation, London – Japanese Language Chief Advisor)



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