` Origami Workshop Part 6: Mother's Day Flower Wreath Making with Alice Stern

“What Oriental Medicine is really about?” by Toby Stephens

HYPER JAPAN is the largest exhibition celebrating Japanese culture to be held in the UK. Organized by Cross Media Ltd., it was first held in London 2010. Centred on Japanese cuisine and popular culture such as gaming, manga, anime and music, the event introduces a wide range of Japanese culture, encompassing technology, fashion, traditional crafts.
Having undertaken the difficult decision to postpone the Festival due to the spread of COVID-19, HYPER JAPAN is providing exclusive online content straight from Japan, including webinars, entertainment and shopping.


“What Oriental Medicine is really about?” by Toby Stephens

Date:  6th March 2021, Saturday

Time:  10:30-11:30 (1 hours)

Online tool:  ZOOM (link will be sent to you after your purchase**)

Ticket Price:

  • £18 - Single person ticket


To join the workshop please purchase before 17:00 on 5th  March 2021.

<Equipment needed for the lecture>

Please prepare this equipment by yourself before the workshop starts. 

  • Buy Smokeless Moxa sticks. They are available from online retailers by searching ” smokeless moxa stick”.  Here is an example from one major online retailer.
  • You will need a lighter (and an ash tray or a tray). 
  • Be Happy. 

Instructor details:

Toby Stephens: Genki Clinic Director, BSc. Health Sciences (Acupuncture)

When Toby was based in Tokyo as an international lawyer, he met the world of oriental medicine due to his injuries.  It was not long before he started to join workshops and learn Shiatsu. 
After completing his degree in oriental medicine at an internationally-recognized university, he returned to Tokyo to complete a further 6 intensive years in traditional Japanese apprenticeship under  Ikeda Masakazu Sensei. Now he has his own practice Genki Clinic in Wimbledon, London and treats diversified patients including young children.

  • BSc. Health Sciences (Acupuncture)
  • 6 years Traditional Clinical Apprenticeship in Japan
  • British Acupuncture Council Member
  • Certified Shiatsu Practitioner
  • Fully Licensed & Insured


Website: https://www.clinicgenki.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GenkiClinic/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clinicgenki/?igshid=fj9i0epl5fj6
Twitter: https://twitter.com/clinicgenki?lang=en
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/tobystephens49



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