Img:ESSENCE OF KYOTO – pop up at Sway Gallery London


ESSENCE OF KYOTO – pop up at Sway Gallery London

Although we are currently closed during the time of the national lockdown measures, we are proud to introduce to you Essence of Kyoto, an online event celebrating arts and crafts from the former capital of Japan!  The collection is available online in our e-shop and will be also available in our physical store, once it is safe to reopen.

Tradition for the 21st Century

Kyoto. The eternal city.  Brimming with world-renowned artisanship and rich history.

As the beating heart of Japanese culture, traditional Kyoto crafts have continued to flourish for centuries.  Since serving the Imperial Household and aristocracy, this craftsmanship has been preserved and skilfully developed through the generations.

Our collection of traditional wares has been specially curated to bring the essence of Japan’s cultural capital to modern lifestyles.  Experience the Kyō way in your daily life with each piece.



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