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Pantechnicon Virtual Sake Masterclass

Lorenzo, General Manager of Sakaya and Sachi, sits down with Sake Samurai, Natsuki Kikuya, and takes you on an exploration of Japan’s national drink via four sake breweries. Unlock the story behind the four sakes you’ll taste and grasp insights into the traditions of each brewery. From sustainability to female brew masters in the industry, sit back and learn with a sake in hand.
Ticket includes:

  • 4 x 50ml Japanese sake samples
    • No 1 - KAMO KINSHU Junmai Ginjo
      One of the youngest leading sake makers of premium sake; with youthful effervescence, it has spicy and earthy characteristics from the special Omachi rice.
    • No 2 -  TSUCHIDA KIMOTO Junmai
      This brewery strives to create a parallel world of tradition and evolution, using ancient secret methods to brew sake, with the application of modern approaches. Their sake’s flavour enhances over the passage of time, the perfect sake to enjoy warm. 
    • No 3 - DARUMA MASAMUNE 5 YRS Koshu
      The 6th generation owner has shifted their sake making to specialise in koshu making, a traditional category which disappeared 100 years ago in Japan. Aged sake or koshu is identified by its distinctive gold, amber, tawny or brown colour and oxidative aromas like sherry. 
    • No 4 - KISHINAMIEN UMESHU Umeshu, fruit liqueur
      This sweet ume plum liquor has ripe plum aromas followed by sweet flavours of almonds and marzipan. The palate is tangy with lots of depth to the flavour. The producer is known for its female toji or brewmaster Ms. Nanami Watanabe, who at 23 years old is Japan's youngest ever toji.

  • Gift / Waiting Love Sparkling from Niizawa Brewery (RRP: £36)
    This refreshing sake is gently sparkling with a delicate sweetness of white grapes and citrus fruits. It works perfectly as an aperitif or served with canapes such as caviar or fresh oysters. 
  • Gift / Arita1616 sake cup (RRP: £20)
    Made in Kyushu, southern Japan, these contemporary ceramic cups are designed to be perfectly suitable for your espresso in the morning and sake later in the day.
  • Furoshiki cloth (RRP £25):
    Handmade in Japan, this high-quality, 100% cotton textile features a contemporary, hand-printed design and can be used for wrapping, as a scarf or as a decorative wall hanging. Eco-friendly and multifunctional. 
  • 1 hour session with Sake Samurai, Natsuki Kikuya

The sake kit will be delivered to you via courier on or before Saturday 13th March.
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